YAKINDU Traceability Showcase download

Welcome to YAKINDU Traceability

Traceability management is required in many industries, and especially for safety- critical systems it is often a legal requirement. YAKINDU Traceability is the professional tool to make traceability easy.

This software distribution contains a demo version of YAKINDU Traceability, suitable for Windows.
It also contains a self-guided showcase you can use to play around with YAKINDU Traceability yourself. Videos give you a brief introduction to the tool’s most important features.

Download Windows Showcase

Explore the showcase

The showcase demonstrates a traceability scenario consisting of various artifact types that are typical in a software development setting, like stakeholder requirements and software requirements in Microsoft Word documents, software qualification test specifications in Excel spreadsheets, software unit implementations in C source code files, software qualification test results in XML files, and more. Observe YAKINDU Traceability extracting artifacts from all these and many other document types using its unique and flexible adapter architecture, which is also capable to connect to external tools, like IBM DOORS or PTC Integrity.

Trace links have already been set up between various showcase artifacts, e.g. between stakeholder requirements and their respective software requirements, between software requirements and associated implementations, and so on. Watch YAKINDU Traceability display the relationships between artifacts in a lucid trace graph.

Experience how easy it is to create new trace links between artifacts or to manage existing ones.

Explore the showcase in depth by analyzing traceability reports and running custom queries.

Discover the variety of YAKINDU Traceability adapters

The self-guided showcase features artifacts of several different types, namely Microsoft Word and Excel, C, XML, and MATLAB Simulink. However, YAKINDU Traceability supports many more artifact types and can be adapted to additional ones easily. A complete overview of adapters is available on our website.

Download Windows Showcase

Watch the videos

We have prepared two videos that give you a first impression of what YAKINDU Traceability can do for you. You’ll find them in the root folder of this software distribution:

  • Video 1 (03:15 min.) in file 01-SelfGuidedShowcase-Intro.mp4 introduces you to YAKINDU Traceability, demonstrates how to follow traces across tool borders, and shows how to run prepared queries.
  • Video 2 (2:56 min.) in file 02-SelfGuidedShowcase-LinkMaintenance.mp4 is about link maintenance: Learn how to manually create links and how to derive them based on attributes.

Experience YAKINDU Traceability yourself

Now it’s time to get YAKINDU Traceability up and running and investigate the showcase yourself. To do so, just download, unpack and start the software:

  • Unzip the YT-SHOWCASE.zip file to a suitable place on your computer. You can do this either by Windows' built-in extractor, which is unbelievably slow. However, we highly recommend to use the free 7-Zip extractor, which is much faster. The extraction process will create a new directory named YT.
  • Go to the newly-created YT folder and start YAKINDU Traceability by double-clicking on the YT executable.