About us

itemis is an independent IT consultancy and offers products and services for efficient software development projects. A core competency of itemis is the automation of software development through model based development procedures.

We provide support to our customers in systems engineering, development of the Internet of things (ioT) and enterprise applications. Services we provide include Scrum and agile project management, IT-modernization, app-development and usability engineering. With offices throughout Germany, France and Switzerland we are always just a short distance away from you.

With seats in the board of directors, numerous projects and consulting and service offerings, we are also right in the middle of Eclipse, a vivid Open-Source-Community and the world’s leading IDE.

We offer software tools under the brand name YAKINDU. YAKINDU-products are modular, based on Eclipse technology and support Software and Systems Engineering from end to end.

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We are IT-consultants. We get around a lot. We like to communicate with varying audiences. We are happy to connect with everyone who likes to follow us through our social media platforms.

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Together, you achieve more. That is why we cooperate with experienced partners that have the same quality standards for their own performance as we have. Together, we create additional value for our customers.

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