What we do

Methods and tools

Tools In the context of methods and tools, our main activity is the development of tools for software developers, system engineers and business analysts to capture and analyze information and automatically create a range of derived artifacts. We have customers in a wide variety of domains including automotive and aerospace, healthcare, and business and finance.

Models and Languages While these tools implement modern user interface standards, the backbone are models. This ensures that the captured information as well structured and conforms to a formally defined schema. The models are expressed with a language tailored to the domain to maximize expressiveness and analyzability. Languages can use graphical, tabular, symbolic, or textual notations, depending on what the target audience expects.

Language Engineering Language engineering refers to the activity of analyzing a domain, understanding its core abstractions and then implementing them into a language. We use language workbenches to develop the languages. The team is at the forefront of language engineering and its use in industry.

Our Technologies

We mostly use the Jetbrains MPS and Xtext ecosystems. In both of these we have world-leading experts on our team. We also contribute to the development of the platforms themselves, for example, via the MPS Extensions.

Our Services

Selected Customers and Projects

Commercial Products and Open Source Projects

Active Research Projects

In all of our active projects, we use MPS in order to investigate innovative approaches. SAFE4I and SecForCARS are both funded by the German BMBF.

See also the list of all research projects at itemis.

Selected Publications and Talks