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Statechart concepts tutorial

This tutorial introduces main concepts which will be helpful for understanding and defining statecharts in itemis CREATE. While the previous tutorials explain how to use itemis CREATE, this tutorial does not require an installation of itemis CREATE as it makes use of embedded statechart players.

The different concepts are introduced step by step using a light control example. Starting from a simple On/Off switch, we will add further features like brightness adjustment and motion detection step-by-step while introducing new statechart elements with each iteration. In that way you will learn how to use:

  • States and transitions
  • Transition triggers, guards, and actions
  • Statechart interfaces, and where to declare events, variables and operations
  • Composite states, and how they help structuring your statechart
  • History states, and the difference between shallow and deep history

While itemis CREATE supports even more concepts, this is a good starting point to dive into itemis CREATE headfirst. Within itemis CREATE these tutorial statecharts are also provided as an example project.