Shaping the future digital, agile, now

We develop future-oriented technologies for software developers - and thus for millions of people around the globe.

Our solutions are embedded in the software of the latest cars, control your smart home and help to design simple insurance policies. We also develop solutions for e-commerce, for example with the help of artificial intelligence, to master problems and challenges. We teach machines to think and work at the pulse of time - also locally. That's why our offices are located in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt.

We are language and web engineers, data scientists, software developers and IT consultants, usability engineers and specialists in the field of smart technologies and agile software development.
We bundle these competencies in well-coordinated teams that shape the future together with our customers. Digital, agile, now.

Language Engineering

As cofounders of Xtext, building domain-specific languages is one of our core competencies.

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Software Development

We do not develop standard software, thanks to agile, model-based software development.

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Data science and machine learning

You want to better exploit your potential? Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we can help you identify and use data patterns for your own purposes.

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Agile Project Management

For flexibility and efficiency, plan your agile software development with us.

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