Shaping the future digital, agile, now

We develop future-oriented technologies for software developers - and thus for millions of people around the globe.

Digital, agile, now.

Our solutions are embedded in the software of the latest cars, control your smart home and help to design simple insurance policies. We also develop solutions for e-commerce, for example with the help of artificial intelligence, to master problems and challenges. We teach machines to think and work at the pulse of time - also locally. That's why our offices are located in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt.

We are language and web engineers, data scientists, software developers and IT consultants, usability engineers and specialists in the field of smart technologies and agile software development.

We bundle these competencies in well-coordinated teams that shape the future together with our customers. Digital, agile, now.



Software has to support your business processes in the best possible way. Against this background, we advise and support you individually in the development of business-critical business applications.

Web Engineering

If you also see your future on the web, we are the right partner for you. Our teams support you in the conception and implementation of highly scalable web applications and digital products.

Smart Technologies

Do you want to make your product smart and network it with other products and services via the cloud? We are your ideal partner for this and other applications in the direction of IoT, SmartHome and Industry 4.0.

Language Engineering

As co-founder of Xtext, the construction of domain-specific languages is one of our core competencies. Find out what benefits you can derive from a DSL and when the use of a DSL makes sense.

Agile Project Management

We support you in your plans to introduce or optimize agile project management within your company.

Usability Engineering

Use usability engineering methods and processes to ensure that your users achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.


We support you in improving your software & systems engineering methodology, creating individual tool solutions and setting up integrated tool chains.

IT modernization

Do new requirements or market changes require the modernization of your IT systems? We accompany your migration project with the necessary sensitivity and foresight.

Data science and machine learning

You want to better exploit your potential? Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we can help you identify and use data patterns for your own purposes.