Become a Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – User Requirements Engineering (CPUX-UR) and learn how to provide what your users really need.


In our usability engineering basic training we teach the fundamentals of how to achieve more usable systems through the usability engineering process. Building on this, we now place special focus on the first two phases of the process: understanding the needs of users and the resulting derivation of usage requirements. Behind all this is the question: how can you capture those requirements that are essential to your users?

In this three-day training course you will learn what lies behind the term context of use analysis (or user research) and learn techniques for deriving usage requirements systematically.


This course has the following emphases:

  • Preparation, execution and documentation of contextual interviews and observation of usage context analysis
  • Creation of user group profiles
  • Identification of requirements in usage context descriptions
  • Systematic derivation and structuring of usage requirements from requirements
  • Specification, structuring and prioritization of usage requirements
  • Cooperation of the user requirements engineer with other roles and disciplines

You can find a detailed overview of the procedures involved in user requirements engineering in our blog post ‘Goodbye assumptions – how to identify the right requirements with User Requirements Engineering’.

On the fourth day you can optionally obtain an UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX-UR) certificate. To do this you must first complete a 90-minute theoretical exam. This is followed by a hands-on exam during which you need to watch a contextual interview and build a context of use description. Finally, you must identify underlying requirements from this description and derive and structure the user requirements from them.

Important: To take the certification exam you must already have the CPUX-F certificate.

Further information on the content of this training can be found on the UXQB® website.

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