Innovative ideas often result from problems. By using a Design Thinking approach we can get to the bottom of your problems and promote creative solution finding.

Solve problems with Design Thinking workshops

Solving problems sometimes requires not only common sense, but unconventional new ideas as well; these may already lie dormant in the minds of your colleagues and employees. Design Thinking can bring these ideas to the surface.

We first work with you to define the problem that concerns you. We then set up a Design Thinking workshop with you and your team to approach the crux of the problem creatively and come up with solutions that you might not otherwise have thought of.

We move with you through the Design Thinking process, with its empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test phases, providing valuable momentum to get your team on the right path to problem-solving.

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Design Thinking training

Perhaps you and your team want to use Design Thinking but still know too little about the topic, its process and methods? That’s not a problem: we can teach you. Using an example we will make the required mindset understandable, guide you through the process, promote your problem-solving skills and solutions, and thus create the conditions for finding solutions to your own problems in a Design Thinking workshop.

You can find an introduction to the topic in our blog post ‘What is Design Thinking?’.