Subsequent changes cost time and money. Increasingly refined prototypes can give you feedback on structure, navigation, usability and aesthetics, either before or in parallel with development. To achieve a uniform user interface we can create style guides.

design solutions

Paper prototyping

In paper prototyping we create design solutions on paper. On one hand this supports quick and favorable development and allows comparison and evaluation of alternative solutions. On the other hand they can give you an immediate impression of the final application and can capture user feedback at an early stage.


Storyboarding is the process of creating a sequence of images that depicts users’ interaction with your application, which may be supplemented with written notes. This method is particularly well suited for presenting concepts that are difficult to communicate verbally.

Wireframes and mockups

Wireframes and mockups are prototype images of the user interface that show the arrangement of elements on the various screens of interactive software applications. Interaction options and navigation structures in the final application can be quickly understood when these take the form of clickable prototypes. Such prototypes are comparatively cheap to build and can be adjusted quickly based on user feedback.

Interactive prototypes

Interactive prototypes allow operations to be rendered dynamically so that animations and other transitions can be tested. They are more complex than simple paper prototypes but offer a greater level of reality. We can create interactive prototypes to allow you to better understand your users’ experience.

Style guides

Style guides document existing interface designs. They provide information about the layout, colors, fonts and interaction steps of an application. A good style guide can reduce development time significantly.


As an innovative IT service company with years of experience in software engineering, as well as offering our expertise in usability engineering, we can implement your solutions holistically. Based on our results from applying usability methods we can develop tailor-made enterprise applications, embedded systems and mobile applications for you.