You have a problem: your application is not successful. Don’t stick your head in the sand. We can analyze applications, prototypes and concepts from an expert’s viewpoint and involve users directly in usability tests. This will give you valuable feedback that you can use to optimize your application.

usability problems identification

Heuristic evaluation

In heuristic evaluation our usability experts inspect your system based on recognized guidelines – so-called ‘heuristics’. These allow us to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your system. We can reveal serious usability problems and effective optimization possibilities.

Usability testing

Usability tests offer an effective way to identify usability problems in your system or to compare different systems. In such tests real users work on typical application tasks while monitored closely by our usability experts. Statements from users, as well as facial expressions, gestures and tone of voice allow our experts to detect pain points. Test results can include both quantitative metrics (for example number of clicks, time taken to reach goals) and qualitative metrics (observed problems, satisfaction), depending on your needs.


Questionnaires provide a systematic method of gathering information about your users’ attitudes, opinions, knowledge and behaviors. By using established standardized questionnaires we can also analyze the usability and user experience of your system. Statistical evaluation methods allow us to compare different systems or variants easily.

Focus groups

Focus groups are moderated group interviews with users. We conduct these to gather the experience, requirements and assessments of your users for specific products or topics. Such exercises can provide rich information in the ‘language of users’, as well as suggestions for innovative design solutions.