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We are itemis

Since its foundation itemis has been representing the standard to enable you to simplify your product and software development considerably. The award for Innovator of the Year 2019 in the TOP 100 Innovation Competition makes it clear that our working method stands out from the crowd – to your advantage.

  • We invest above average in the knowledge development of our employees so that we can support you with the most up-to-date technologies at any time. 4+1 our working time model is called, which means that we spend one day a week on personal training and development of our employees.

  • In numerous research projects, we are working together with our technology partners on the innovations of tomorrow. They will make sure that you can develop your software even more easily and securely in the future.

  • As a mid-sized company with 200 employees from every area of the IT spectrum, we have a particularly broad know-how under a single roof. Our teams, which we select individually, depending on the specific challenge, are able to support your project from requirements analysis through to productive operation.

  • Your software should provide added value in the long term – without increasing additional costs. To meet this demand, it is necessary to develop software sustainably. That's why we not only focus on quality for today, but also think about tomorrow with foresight

  • In the increasingly digital world, “time to market” is becoming more and more important. With our agile approach, we enable you to bring your software to market in short iterations.

  • Based on our experience gained in 999+ projects with mid-sized family businesses, large corporations, and global market leaders, we have learned how to guide you to success.

We take your needs seriously and are fully committed to you. It is important to us that you see us as a partner who is with you in every situation.

IT enthusiastic with heart and soul.

At itemis, you work with professionals who bring along the obligatory hard and soft skills as well as the so important mindset for good software. Learn more about our mentality and why quality, sustainability and flexibility are more than just empty words to us.

Our mentality

Software-Entwickler Stefan ist zufrieden mit der Arbeit an einem aktuellen Projekt
IT-Berater Michael im Gespräch im angeregten Gespräch mit einem itemis-Kollegen
Recruiterin Mirja mit Hundedame Romy

Maybe close to you?

With locations in Germany and France, you will find us ten times in Europe and once in Africa with Tunisia – and we continue to grow. Wherever you need our services, we are there for you.

Meet with us.

We love the exchange – with our clients, partners and like-minded people. With Coding Kumites, IT get-togethers or training courses we create events and added value.

We are also happy to take the opportunity to discuss projects and current challenges with you at conferences and trade fairs.

Take one of the following opportunities to meet with us in person:

Partners and research

Very good solutions are created in interdisciplinary teams of experts. These are not necessarily limited to the boundaries of a single company. We are convinced: Together with our partners, we can achieve more and set standards in many respects.

Achieving more together

Find out with whom we work in partnership.

Our partnerships

Setting standards

We have actively supported 20+ research projects with our expertise to date.

Look at our research projects