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YAKINDU Statechart Tools Rebranding: Why?

YAKINDU Statechart Tools has been used by our customers for almost two decades and successfully established the name YAKINDU Statechart Tools in different industries, but we knew that after all this time, it was time for something new! It is important for us that not only the functionalities are always state of the art, but also that the brand identity reflects the excellence of our products.

For this reason, we decided to give it a new, meaningful name and a completely new look.

YAKINDU Statechart Tools Rebranding
With our tool, a wide variety of projects can be realized with the help of state machines, but we wanted to express: Create your visions – like many of our customers and also our academic users already do!
With the new name, we focus on creating in the “visual sense” and want to emphasize that even more. This approach is particularly obvious in the new logo, which shows a rather classic pen and paper, and expresses the original form of creating something.
Our refreshed identity isn’t just a new logo, but also a new name that is truly representative of what we do, live, and breathe every day.

The visual identity introduced today is a foundation that better communicates what our product does. We’ve rebranded some of the assets like our homepage, but some landing pages still rely on the old branding. 

Moving forward, we will rebrand all our existing assets, and of course, we will build any new asset using the new brand identity.

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