EA-Bridge Licenses

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    • Select this license if you are a single user who wants to use the EA-Bridge.

      EA-Bridge Single License


      Product updates and maintenance:
      100 € p. year

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    • A USB storage device that can be shared physically between users who have the license file stored locally.

      EA-Bridge Dongle License


      Product updates and maintenance:
      200 € p. year

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    • This license can be shared between multiple users. Only one user can work with EA-Bridge at the same time.

      EA-Bridge Floating License


      Product updates and maintenance:
      250 € p. year

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    • Choose this license if you want to use the software for educational purposes.

      You can use all features without any restriction.

      EA-Bridge Academic License


      Product updates and maintenance:

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Minimum requirements for working environments

  • Up to date Windows or Linux
  • 64 bit system
  • 500 MB free disk space
  • 256 MB heap
  • Java 8
  • Supported eclipse releases:
    Oxygen and Photon