Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - that is possible in the Pro Edition of YAKINDU Statechart Tools. You’ll find more information in this blog post.

The generated code is very performant (less forks and joins). If you have higher requirements you need to customize your code generator. Please refer to FAQ regarding configurable generators.

Yes there are some configuration options for naming, locations, code structure etc. For more details refer to the documentation.

Yes it is. Right click on the statechart file choose “open with…” - “Text Editor”. But be careful with your changes. They may break the model.

You can influence the size of the generated code by configuring the generator model. Please refer to our documentation for this. Please note that hierarchies and parallel regions result in a large code amount.

It may take various implementation effort to adapt YAKINDU Statechart Tools to your custom state machines. There are not importers for various statechart models. But Matlab/Simulink, EA and Stateflow models are no big issue as we maintain the required infrastructure with our YAKINDU Model Viewer product. Contact us if you need adaption support or have more detailed questions.

You can do some steps to increase performance:

  1. You can also add the following lines to your SCT.ini:-vmargs -XX:MaxPermSize=512m -Xms512m -Xmx2500m
  2. During editing statecharts you gain performance if you turn off Build automatically in the Project menu.
  3. Turn off the live validation by choosing Window - Preferences - YAKINDU SCT - Diagramm Appearance and check off “Enable live validation”.

Turn off spell checking: open the Window - Preferences dialog and go on page General - Editors - Text Editors - Spelling and unselect Enable spell checking.If this did not help enough do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find a solution.

This may be due to different problems. Here are some hints for possible solutions:

  1. No Java installed: You need to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in version 8 or higher on your machine. You can find it at
  2. Not matching Java version: Maybe you have downloaded the 64bit version of YSCT and have an 32bit version of Java installed or vice versa.
  3. In case you work with Mac OS X and already have an older Java Version (e.g. 1.6) installed, updating to Java 8 might not work as expected. In that case, please refer to these possible solutions.

If it is none of these please write an email to our support team, tell us what your system properties are (OS, Version, Java-Version) and attach the log-file.

The generators that we provide generate code that is agnostic of the target platform. So at its core the generated code makes no assumption about specific multithreading approaches. This fact implies two points:

  1. You can adapt the generated code to any multithreading model.
  2. This adaption implies efforts.

This adaption can be done manually for each generated state machine or it is possible to extend the existing code generators in order to generate platform specific code that handles multithreading aspects. Our Java code generator for example provides the option to generate a ‚RunnableWrapper‘ that performs simple synchronization based on standard Java threads and wraps the generated state machine in order to implement the desired multithreading behavior.

From version 3.0 onwards we have simplified the license handling which will allow us to add new features in future without having to change license files. However, after updating from a version <3.0 you will get notifications saying that your standard/professional license is missing. Although the tool still works as before with your old license, please contact us to update your license file in order to get rid of the misleading notifications.