YAKINDU Traceability

Be prepared for your next audit and improve your software’s quality by setting up the traceability for your project within hours.

YAKINDU Traceability is a professional requirements traceability management tool. It adapts to your usual development tools and creates a homogeneous traceability graph, without interfering with your established workflows.



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  • correlate distributed data?
  • leverage seamless traceability with minimal effort?
  • get a quick overview even of complex projects? 


Here’s YAKINDU Traceability for you.

Bring all your project data together to a central location …

Your project data is spread over different tools or locations?


YAKINDU Traceability’s adapters collect all your relevant data and bring them together for you.


See adapter list

  • Get a full visualization of all of your data.  See how they are linked and trace their links.
  • Get an overview of your project and access all relevant information by just exploring the graph.

… and analyze it efficiently


  • From simple impact inquiry and coverage analyses to highly-sophisticated progress metrics of your project – YAKINDU Traceability answers your questions, providing a powerful dashboard.

  • Track your project as it evolves and compare data snapshots established at different points in time.
    Try out the dashboard

  • Improve your data quality using built-in validations or your own customized checks.

Choose the edition that best fits your needs


You still maintain your traceability matrix manually and with great effort?
Instead, quickly set up a reliable and scalable traceability solution. And the best: We will accompany your first steps.


Map your development process and make our tool a perfect technical fit into your environment.
Integrate your complete tool chain and look forward to the next assessment with a smile.


Your scenario is really challenging? You have the feeling that off-the-shelf tools will not fit every aspect of your business?

Let us build your solution together. Benefit from our traceabilιty expertise - be it software components or domain experience. 


Still undecided?

If you have to overcome particular technical obstacles, or if you are wondering how to establish traceability in your specific scenario, please contact us. We will be happy to exchange thoughts and show you YAKINDU Traceability in a webinar.  

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