YAKINDU Traceability 
User Guide

What is Requirements Traceability?

The term requirements traceability originates from the field of software development and systems engineering.

Overview of YAKINDU Traceability

YAKINDU Traceability (YT) enables easy and well-arranged traceability management across all tools.

First steps with YAKINDU Traceability

Find out how to install the tool, set up your workspace and configure your traceability environment.

Linking artifacts of the development process with YT Editor

The YT Editor view is the main component used to manage trace links. You can create, edit, and delete links between artifacts by means of this editor.

Browsing existing artifacts and links

Changing a requirement may have grave consequences on artifacts depending on it.

Identifying changes in a project

Validations and model snapshots can help you to keep your data correct and consistent and to analyse changes.

Analyzing your projects traceability status: the YT Analysis perspective

Inspecting the traceability status, doing coverage analysis, calculating the impact of change, preparing meaningful management reports: That’s what the YT Analysis perspective is for.

Connecting YAKINDU Traceability to various tools

The following sections are giving you a detailed overview on how to configure YAKINDU Traceability in order to connect it to a variety of specific tools.


This chapter contains configuration adapter-specific details for configuration storage types and data access types.

Release notes

Which new features have been implemented, which bugs have been fixed?