Agile – Consulting & Coaching

Increase efficiency and flexibility in your projects by introducing and optimizing agile methodologies. The necessary changes represent a great challenge, which you can master with us as part of our agile consulting and agile coaching services.

Agile Consulting

Regardless of whether you are looking for an agile methodology to project levels or the entire company, we are the right partner. In the first step, our specialists will analyze your current processes and define the target to be achieved together with you. On the basis of this information, you will receive a recommendation in our agile consulting with which agile methodology and activities you can achieve your goals efficiently.

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Here you can find further information on agile topics that can be relevant to the optimization of your projects and processes:


The high flexibility and transparency are good reasons to use Scrum as an agile framework. Identified problems are being discussed and solved within the team. As an empirical approach, it is ideally suited to develop innovative products with a high degree of complexity while keeping the focus on customer needs.

Want to learn more about Scrum and how it improves the development process of your software projects? Our Scrum trainings & workshops (public & inhouse) give you the opportunity to get to know and use Scrum.


Kanban is an agile change management method that aims to optimize a value chain. Unlike Scrum, no new roles and artefacts are introduced. Instead, you start with the existing process.

The central aspect of this approach is the visualization of the entire work process by means of which inefficiencies such as multitasking, blockages and empty runs can be identified and subsequently eliminated. Kanban is often used where sprint iterations and thus scrum are not very useful, for example in ticket processing in a software maintenance team.

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Test Driven Development (TDD)

Central arguments for the use of TDD in projects are the high quality of the developed software, as well as the cost savings during operation, maintenance and further development. As a result of the TDD approach, a product with a clean, well-structured code base is obtained, which is less error-prone and maintenance-intensive.

The rigorous test-first approach prevents over-engineering, allows for a secure adaptation of the code and ensures the automated testability of the software. This approach, however, calls on the developers to rethink their usual way of working. Trainings ensure that the new processes are internalized.

Agile Software Architecture

While in the waterfall model the software architecture is designed as completely as possible before the implementation, it is evolutionary and incremental in the course of an agile project. This allows architectural decisions to be taken at a later stage, taking into account the knowledge gathered up to that point.

As a result, the architecture responsibility is transferred to the developer team, who performs all the tasks required for this purpose on their own responsibility. In order to be successful, it is essential that all developers know the building blocks of architectural work and how they can be applied in an agile work environment.

Agile Coaching

After analyzing the actual state and making a decision regarding the agile approach to be used, we accompany you comprehensively at the introduction. Switching from classical project management to an agile project management approach often requires that the entire company deal with the new agile methodology. Our trainers offer various workshops for employees of all departments and hierarchies concerned. Practice-oriented trainings round off our service offer.

We offer the following trainings for agile teams: