Scrum Certification

The Scrum Guide puts it in a nutshell: Scrum is light-weight, easy to understand, difficult to use. Let your scrum know-how be confirmed by an independent authority, in a Scrum certification from TÜV Süd.

Scrum Certification – That Makes Sense

There are enough reasons to be certified for the agile project management framework Scrum. Of course, a certification certifies that you are well-versed in the field examined, at least have dealt with them more thoroughly. If you are already working with Scrum, the Scrum certification workshop gives you the opportunity to compare your own way of working with the information provided and to put it to the test.

Advantages Of Getting Certified With itemis

In cooperation with TÜV Süd itemis offers three training courses together with a final Scrum certification. The Scrum training courses take place on two days and prepare optimal for the Scrum certification / exam.

Our trainers lecture the training relevant content for the Scrum certification in accordance to the official curricula of mITSM GmbH. In addition to the existence of the Scrum examination, the aim is to provide a sustainable knowledge transfer. This is why we approach the participants' questions individually and explain our answers using practical examples.

TÜV Süd – Strong Partner For Your Scrum Certification

The accreditation of the TÜV SÜD Examination Institute according to ISO / IEC 17024 guarantees the quality and neutrality of the Scrum certification. The TÜV SÜD Scrum certification offer is the first in this field from a certification body that is based on the ISO / IEC 17024 standard. The recognition of the european standard on the basis of this standard is one of the best criteria to be able to test the competence of certified experts.

The Certification Offer

As mentioned at the outset, we offer you three Scrum training courses, with the possibility of completing the Scrum certification. Our public Scrum trainings are held in German only but you do have the opportunity to take part in an English exam. The course offer and its contents are presented in detail below:

Scrum Foundation Training + TÜV Certification

Basic seminar on getting started with Scrum. You'll learn the essentials of this widespread agile approach.

Scrum Master Training + Scrum Master Certification (TÜV)

Seminar, which deals specifically with the role of the Scrummaster and prepares for the certification as best as possible.

Scrum Product Owner Training + Product Owner Certification (TÜV)

A training specifically designed for product owners that provides all the content required to pass the Product Owner exam.