Scrum Compact

Scrum is a framework to carry out projects based on the principles of agile software development. “Scrum Compact” explains the fundamentals of project management, provides an introduction to Scrum and shows how professional requirements engineering can be done with Scrum.



The goal of the project is to achieve product success and process success. This means either implementing exactly what was written down in the run-up or implementing what the customer really needs. Process success means sticking to an agreed procedure and a specified approach.

If at the outset of a project the requirements for the product to be developed can already be described in full and changes to the framework conditions of the project excluded, then the best possible planning can certainly be achieved with the classic procedure models.

However, when complex systems are to be developed in which the requirements cannot be formulated, or not completely, at the beginning, then agile procedure models are the right choice. When necessary, it is possible to expand agile models to include classic approaches.

Requirements often change during a project as well: existing ones are adjusted, new ones are added. Product success can be achieved with Scrum as it allows for changing requirements and can react in short development cycles (Sprints). The method described in the chapter Requirements Engineering with Scrum also contributes to ensuring product success.

An agile approach does not mean the absence of planning; however, this must fit to the framework conditions and requirements of a project. The highlight is therefore: the more agile approaches that exist in a project process, the greater the possibility is, also during a project, to introduce changes. The more complex the development, the more flexible it should be with regard to changes. An approach based on agile models is consequently a clear advantage for complex projects compared to classic approaches.

We hope you enjoy reading this online book and wish you much success with your projects!