Like other approaches, it is also the aim of Scrum to achieve “Product Success” and “Process Success”.

Product Success is accomplished when the requirements for all of the Stakeholders are fulfilled. Scrum ensures this with the formation of a Product Owner Team.

The Process Success is achieved through the reliability of Sprints. In this way, releases from the Product Owner Team can be planned across Sprints, because there is a great probability that Sprints are implemented as planned.

The agility takes place outside of the Sprints and always before a Planning Meeting. The Sprints themselves are stable.

It may be advisable to organize even these tasks as Sprints or else insert an initial phase of a few days/weeks which is detached from Scrum and organizes the first Product Backlog. Should it be possible to describe the first requirements in a short time, it may also initially be started with a very small team which can be increased depending on the further requirements yet to be formulated. This is to be decided by the Product Owner.