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IoT and smart home solutions

You are looking for support for the development of IoT solutions.
What can we help you with?

  • You want to benefit from smart systems yourself, for example to optimize your supply chains through cross-linking and intelligent control.

  • You want to offer smart products and services to your customers in order to open up new business models and stand out from the competition.

Itemists develop an idea on the whiteboard

We accompany your mission.

Certainly you already encountered a smart solution developed by us in your everyday life.

Our know-how is in:

  • Household appliances
  • Infotainment systems
  • Industrial plants
  • Online portals
  • and much more.

Our specialists support you from the idea to the conception and realization.

We develop your hardware and firmware, mobile apps and web applications as well as the necessary backend components in cloud and on edge - all from one source.

An extract of our IoT solutions.

  • We have come to know itemis AG as a creative and competent partner for our IoT projects. From requirements analysis to hardware and software development to on-site installation, we received everything from one source. We thank you for the good cooperation.

    Christian Reining, Project Manager Innovations & Digitization Projects, BLG LOGISTICS, 2020
    Christian Reining
  • The cooperation with the distributed teams from itemis was very good over the entire course of the project, which was also confirmed by our involved electronics suppliers. The current development is also running smoothly, with regular coordination meetings.

    Jannik Lühn, Strategic purchasing, TECE GmbH
    Jannik Lühn
  • Despite the challenges posed by the evolved system and complex subject matter, we were able to successfully get the app into the field due to the close coordination and high level of commitment with the itemis team.

    Janosch Oltmanns, Head of Software Development, ODAS IT GmbH
    Janosch Oltmanns

We are particularly good at:

IoT consulting and conception

Benefit from our know-how in the development of smart solutions.

You are still at the very beginning? Together we can answer the question of which business processes can be optimized with the help of IoT or which potential lies in the digitalization of your business model. We can also help you with advice and support for the conception of new products, in order to open up new business areas.

You have a plan or have already started? Then we can provide you with useful support by reviewing your existing solution, for example in the form of code analyses or security reviews.

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Development of IoT devices

Our support starts with the selection of suitable hardware components – from chip to housing. We design your board layout and coordinate the production.

In addition, we develop the corresponding firmware, including the mechanisms to securely update it. With our model-driven development approach and the associated abstraction of the application logic, we facilitate the switch to new hardware.

Let's talk about your device

Whether AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, ..., we develop your backend components and set up a suitable overall architecture including communication.

Large data volumes? No problem! We know how to deal with large data volumes so that your application remains high-performance.

In addition, we make sure that the architecture of your IT system ensures a particularly high availability of services.

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Web and mobile app development

With our individual front-end solutions you can keep track of your data or configure and control your smart devices. We develop your apps for iOS, Android and all common browsers.

We attach particular importance to usable and intuitive applications. To achieve this, our usability experts involve your users right from the start.

Is there an app for that?

Your next step.

Now we turn the focus to you. We want to find out how we can support you in the IoT context. For this purpose we invite you to a personal meeting.

Perhaps you only need expert advice. Or you are looking for an overall IoT solution from A to Z. In all cases we look forward to getting to know you. We are also open to (development) partnerships.

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IT consultant and software architect Benedikt Niehues – your contact for all IoT and SmartHome topics

You're still undecided?

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following statements?

"We've never done this before."
"So far it still works."
"Never change a running system."

Of course, your processes continue to function without a smart solution. But the world keeps on turning and other market players are taking action.

Let's talk about how you can keep up with the pace with small, manageable digitalization measures or even take on a pioneering role.

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Maybe you simply haven't had the time to think about the possibilities of IoT solutions for your company. In fact, most companies feel the same way. The potential of smart solutions therefore naturally remains largely unrecognized.

Why not invest one day for a workshop? Together, we will look at your processes and find out where a smart solution creates added value at reasonable cost.

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From experience, we can say that a transformation can only be successful by taking one step at a time. It therefore makes sense to approach the topic of IoT gradually.

Let us find out together where we can achieve some first results with manageable effort.

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As a matter of fact, your company is a service provider obliged to protect the data of its users. The loss of customer data can quickly lead to a loss of trust and damage to your reputation. An intrusion could also disrupt production. Your consideration is therefore not unjustified.

We know these risks and know how to counter them. We take security requirements for software and hardware into account in the early design phase – Security by Design is part of our signature. This approach, coupled with the implementation of secure end-to-end encryption, reduces your risk to a minimum in the event of a cyber attack.

We will always develop your IoT system with the possibility to update the device firmware via secure communication channels in case security gaps are detected.

We like to advise you on concrete measures to be taken for your specific application scenario.

Share your worries or concerns with us

We understand your doubts. After all, every IT service provider aims to make a good impression, comparable to a first date. Especially if you don't know us yet, healthy scepticism is perfectly fine. After all, you don't want to experience any unpleasant surprises.

We therefore invite you to get to know the people who work at itemis. In an open round we will gladly answer all your questions, discuss technologies and describe to you in which industries and projects we have already implemented smart solutions.

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