Better today than tomorrow: Modernize your software securely and efficiently to reduce operating costs and be future-proof

Legacy system modernization

Your company has one or more legacy systems in use? These may be old and inflexible, but they are usually business-critical.

There are good reasons why, in times of digitalization, it makes sense to think about IT modernization and transfer the essential knowledge of your company to a new platform:

  • Legacy systems are expensive and slow down your business. Maintaining and operating your legacy system is expensive. This reduces your financial freedom for new developments and innovations that secure your market position.

  • Changes to your legacy software are very costly or impossible. Valuable time passes until a feature or bugfix is implemented in your legacy system. New requirements, such as real-time processing, relocation to the cloud or new sales channels are often not feasible at all.

  • Shrinking know-how and insufficient documentation endanger the future of your system. Experience shows that hardly anyone still knows the business logic of your software. The really valuable knowledge about rules, processes and decision criteria is hidden in old software.

  • IT security/cyber security: the security of your application is at risk. Security gaps arise due to discontinued support of the basic technology. These can threaten the existence of your company. At the same time, the number of regulatory requirements is increasing rapidly.

Migration, update or new development?

Modernizing an existing IT system means going through a change and working on the old and new system in parallel for a certain time. This transformation can take place in several small or one large step.

Are you unsure which path is the right one for you? Together we will find out.

To do this, we will take a close look at your old system and talk to you about the goals of your modernization project. On this basis, we then weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a migration, an update or a new development. The result: a well-founded modernization strategy that is precisely tailored to your goals and general conditions.

Free initial assessment

One of our software modernization specialists will take a full hour of time for you. On the phone, you describe the initial situation, the general conditions and the desired goal. At the end of the conversation, you will have a good orientation as to which measures are sensible for modernizing your software.

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Mastering IT modernization successfully.

To ensure that you waste neither money nor time on the wrong measures, we usually start with a proof of concept.

This PoC addresses the following questions:

  • Can our approaches to modernization also be applied to your old systems?
  • What knowledge do we gain from a prototype?
  • What other possibilities and ways exist?
  • What is the expected cost and is it justified by the benefit?
  • Which application parts can be migrated automatically at low cost so that a code freeze of your systems becomes unnecessary?

As a result, we provide you with concrete recommendations for action and a project plan for modernizing your legacy system.

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Darts are thrown precisely at the dartboard

Safe and efficient modernization.

When it comes to implementing your modernization project, a good team is the basis for success. As experts in software modernization, we have all the necessary qualities.

  • Technological understanding of the legacy system
  • Detailed knowledge of the target architecture
  • Experience in change management

Secure and increase your project success with our know-how in the modernization of legacy applications.

In addition to our „implementation power“, you will also benefit from the possibility of automating migration processes. Depending on the initial situation, this offers many advantages for taking your application to a new level safely and efficiently.

We support you exactly where you need us - we accompany you throughout the individual stages or go with you all the way to the goal.

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Good by practice.

Modernizing your software is not an ordinary-looking task. It presents your team with new, unfamiliar challenges. From the start, avoid the mistakes from which we have already learned. We support you as our clients in IT modernization projects of all types and sizes. You should definitely benefit from this experience in order to make the modernization process particularly secure and efficient.

Your next step.

First, make use of the opportunity of our free initial assessment. In a personal meeting, we will take a full hour to get to know you and exchange information about your modernization project.

Receive valuable input for your further action. You can also make good use of this if you plan the next steps without us.

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Make a decision!


Everything stays as it is. Your risk: constantly rising costs and loss of market shares.

Have you already made the decision to modernize? Even then, there are many stumbling blocks on your way to a modernized IT system.

  • Unforeseen problems can cause your project to exceed its duration many times over or additional resources may have to be included.
  • Your system fails when going live and causes serious problems during operation.


The objective of our cooperation: A modernized application that replaces your legacy system reliably in whole or in part – with all the advantages that come with it.

  • Your system is flexible and can be adapted and expanded with little effort. Other systems can now also be connected with ease.
  • The knowledge about the business logic of your application is documented and centrally accessible. A large number of developers can further develop your software after a short training period.
  • Finally, you can spend a larger part of your IT budget on the development of new features that add value to your company / your customers and have the potential to increase your KPIs (for example, cash flow).


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You're still undecided?

Get some clarity!

Small things often make the difference when it comes to taking the next step. For this reason, we provide clarity in the following with regard to frequent questions and beliefs that concern our clients:

This concern is justified in the case of insufficient analysis and planning. After all, the individual components of your legacy application are perfectly matched. Be aware, that we know this problem and know how to bring your application up-to-date by an incremental approach without loss of performance.

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We know that financing modernization projects is critical. The modernization of IT systems is usually not a fixed item in the IT budget. As a result, money has to be freed up elsewhere – and will usually only when the trouble is severe enough.

That's why we see ourselves as a helping hand, who analyses your legacy system and puts the added value of modernization into perspective. This way, we can provide you with the arguments in writing for business value and return on investment, in order to communicate these to the financing parties.

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Know-how is the most valuable capital of your company. It is therefore particularly worthy of protection and must not lie exclusively with an external service provider. You will otherwise face the same hurdles in your next modernization project just like now - no sustainable progress.

Our aim is to enable your employees to drive the modernization process forward themselves. We support you in this process through coaching, pair programming and other suitable measures. Good documentation will later help you to familiarize new professionals with the system.

Transfer our know-how to your team

Are you looking for more answers that will help you modernize your legacy system efficiently and without risk?

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