Profit from individual software tools that make your development process much easier and more efficient

Develop software and systems more efficiently

If standard tools do not suit your needs or your tool chain does not work seamlessly together, the development of individual software tools is a highly recommended option.

Perhaps you are also facing one of the following challenges:

  • Mastering complexity

    The development of software and systems is very complex today. You have to reconcile a constantly increasing number of requirements, different specialist areas and technologies. Connected systems also provide a large amount of data, which you ideally use for evaluations and forecasts.

  • Time to market

    The pressure of the market is enormous – the competition never sleeps. You have to develop your software/systems rapidly and bring them to market with a limited budget. At the same time, the quality and security of your (software) system must be guaranteed in order to survive and succeed in the market.

  • Cooperation

    Many projects require interdisciplinary cooperation to develop a functional overall system. Business experts and technicians have different perspectives and working methods. You need tools to describe your domain holistically. This ensures efficient collaboration.

  • Methodological competence

    The successful use of the available tools requires a suitable methodology. You must have excellent methodological competence within the specialist disciplines as well as cross-disciplinary. This is the only way to ensure a systematic and objective-oriented development.

  • Develop­ment of a domain-spe­cific lan­guage.

    Domain-specific languages (DSLs) can help you meet the challenges described above.

    In this video (German, with English subtitles), software architect Karsten Thoms explains exactly what a domain-specific language is and when the use of a DSL is worthwhile for you.

A powerful tool for language engineers:

Xtext – develop domain-specific languages with ease.

itemis is the origi­nator of the Eclipse Xtext frame­work. We passion­ately support the Eclipse and Xtext com­munity by con­tinuous­ly de­velop­ing the frame­work. With one objec­tive: To create the per­fect domain-spe­cific lan­guage (DSL) for you.

Xtext is open source and can there­fore be used free of charge.

Download XtextDownload our e-book “1001 Tipps und Tricks für Xtext” Xtext demo

Reach your objective much faster and more efficiently!

Professional support for language engineering.

Language Design

We design your lan­guage such that it balan­ces the re­quire­ments of the domain against usabili­ty and engin­eering needs.


We analyse the different tooling options applicable to your re­quire­ments, and use the best fit tech­nolo­gies for your indi­vidual so­lution.

Business Aware

We ensure that the lan­guages we design fit with the business pro­cesses you use. Effec­tive Lan­guage Engin­eering is about people using lan­guages, the way they are used and the business value they add.

We are Xtext

We are the driving force in the Xtext com­munity. Get the best from our years of ex­peri­ence in lan­guage de­velop­ment and our Xtext know how.

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Processes and methods require sophisticated tool support in order to be fully effective. Interruptions in your tool chain as well as a lack of flexibility causes frictional losses and additional costs.

itemis supports you in the design, implementation and introduction of tool chains. Depending on the project context in which you are working, we propose well suited methods which offer you the greatest added value.

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