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The products of the automotive industry have changed from purely mechatronic products to cyber physical systems. The increasing use of software in the vehicles of today and tomorrow requires a structural and paradigm shift.

As a representative of an OEM or Tier 1 supplier, you face enormous non-trivial challenges. These must be solved in order to be successful in the highly competitive automotive market.

  • Increasing degree of interconnectivity

    It is no longer sufficient to implement individual stand-alone functions. Functions for autonomous driving require data from all sensors in the vehicle and must be connected to many other functions.

  • Data quantity and data processing

    Large backbones are required to integrate the flood of data from the development process – the keyword is Big Data. The systematic evaluation and analysis of this data forms the basis for you to be able to manage complex projects and issues and to drive innovation.

  • Increasing regulatory requirements

    Due to increased regulatory requirements, system development, especially of safety-critical components, must be traceable and be carried out with the appropriate tools. You need individual solutions that ensure the continuity of your tool chain.

  • Testability of multidimensional scenarios

    Functions for autonomous driving can no longer be tested on the test bench as usual. Cloud-based virtualization, including environmental simulation, is required to reliably test the behavior of the vehicle and components in countless scenarios.

The degree of complexity of developed software systems is also increasing in the aerospace and railway industry, in the medical sector or in banks and insurance companies. For these industries the challenges from the automotive environment can be applied (in parts).

On the right track.

Defined structures are needed to support software development, especially with regard to the use of formal methods. These must already be applied in early project phases in order to keep expenses low. All work items must be available throughout the entire development process.

Innovation requires functionality that goes beyond standard tools. You cannot expect to achieve a major breakthrough with off-the-shelf software tools without adaptation. It requires individual approaches in order to take big steps forward and break new ground.

Innovative tooling

Use domain-specific languages (DSLs) and model-based development to create efficient, high-performing and innovative solutions.

We have been supporting OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for many years in designing, developing and implementing formal languages in the development process. Depending on the initial situation, it may also be necessary to extend existing formal languages or introduce notations.

The greatest added value is offered by DSL solutions, which we develop holistically, with you. These are particularly efficient due to their precise tailoring to your application.

What sets us apart is that we always look at processes, methodology and tooling in combination. This ranges from the introduction or implementation of small tools to the integration of large data backbones.

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Consistent data

Put an end to data silos by creating a truly continuous tool chain with individual solutions. This enables you to access all relevant data at any time.

Data backbones form the basis for evaluations, analyses and running KPIs on which you can make well-founded decisions. The successful management of complex projects, issues and innovations is only possible with a solidly interconnected database.

When you get us on board, you will benefit in two ways. Firstly, our employees have the know-how to efficiently aggregate your data in order to derive valuable information and conclusions.

Secondly, we are involved in numerous activities that are groundbreaking for the automotive standards of tomorrow:

  • Project partner in the Artop project (AUTOSAR Tool Platform)
  • Project partner in the Franca IDL project (GENIVI)
  • Member of ASAM in the context of OpenSCENARIO
  • Member of the OpenADx working group

We are automotive industry experts and are ready to support you with specialist knowledge to meet the challenges you face.

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