Build up or extend your business model securely with sustainable web applications

Sustainable web applications

Your customers and employees are online. They shop online, conduct banking transactions digitally and maintain virtual relationships. Digitization also offers enormous potential for your company. Among other things, this potential lies dormant in web applications that generate added value for you as a company and/or your customers.

5 important aspects of web engineering.

If you are already working with web-based software solutions, the following challenges may seem familiar to you.

  • Security

    As the operator of a web application you are responsible for the security of the transmitted and stored data. You should know how to prevent a successful attack on your database by all means.

  • Availability

    The high availability of your web services is often indispensable. A failure affecting the online services can have more than just financial consequences. It can also damage your reputation and trust in your brand or product.

  • Response time

    Speed is what the web is all about. In e-commerce, excessive loading times are in fact a serious conversion killer. In the age of stable, fast internet connections, including mobile, your users expect loading times of less than one second.

  • Flexibility

    New technologies and frameworks constantly offer new possibilities. At the same time it is important to be able to react quickly to new requirements. Your web application and its architecture must be flexible and scalable so that you can exploit your full potential.

  • User experience (UX)

    User acceptance is an important aspect to the success of your web application. If you do not meet the expectations of your target group, you will squander your potential and risk dissatisfied users/customers.

Web applications for your needs.

If you are interested in the (further) development of a web-based application, you might be looking for one of the following solutions.


Do you need a robust and scalable e-commerce solution to reach your customers online?

Or do you want to extend your existing e-commerce system to optimize the KPIs of your choice with new features and insights?

We support you at the technical basis of your e-commerce system, as an essential basis for the successful sale of your products and services.

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Customer portal (self-service solution)

Do you want your clients to be able to view and edit contract data autonomously at any time via a self-service portal, to increase customer satisfaction and reduce your support efforts?

Perhaps you would also like to offer your customers the possibility to make new contracts online in order to generate additional sales easily and efficiently?

Together we will develop a portal solution that offers added value to both you and your customers.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

You want to offer your customers a software application with online service in the cloud?

With the business model "Software as a Service" you as the operator are responsible for the software application. High availability as well as easy updatability and maintainability are therefore essential.

From the very beginning, use the right software architecture, suitable persistencies and suitable technologies.

Take off with SaaS

Business software in the cloud

Do you want to bring your business software to the web and cloud to take advantage of the manifold benefits?

Cloud-based enterprise applications enable your employees to work on the latest company data at any time and collaborate with each other in real time. This creates transparency and increases productivity.

With your vision and our experience, we can make the gradual transition to the cloud ‚Äď guaranteed!

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You can count on our web engineering teams.

We develop web-based software solutions for major retail companies, hidden champions of the industry but also medium-sized family businesses. Find out why working with us pays off for you.

Early added value

Our ambition: to create added value for you as early as possible and with little effort.

Our first step is to fully under­stand your busi­ness pro­cess and vision. This allows us to find and address the biggest "pain points" quickly and reliably.

Productive right away

For fast and ef­fi­cient suc­cess, we send our well-re­hearsed, hand-in-hand wor­king de­velop­ment teams into the race.

Your ad­vantage: Immediate 100% im­ple­men­ta­tion power, without in­ef­fi­cient team buil­ding pha­ses.

We would also be happy to in­te­grate your Pro­duct Owner phy­si­cal­ly into our team, so that you can keep your focus and bene­fit per­son­ally and com­mer­cial­ly from the itemis team spirit.

Everything you need

We use new tech­nolo­gies with con­vic­tion when­ever they add value, and we have ex­peri­ence in gradu­ally con­ver­ting pro­jects to new tech­no­lo­gies using a brown­field approach.

For web ap­pli­ca­tions that de­light your custom­ers, we in­volve our own usa­bili­ty and UX experts if re­quired.

Flexible and experienced

In order to regu­larly inte­grate your feed­back and that of your custom­ers into the develop­ment pro­cess, we pre­fer an agile, feature-driven approach. Our teams have inter­na­liz­ed agile prin­cip­les such as Scrum or Kanban.

However, it is always your project needs that deter­mine the pro­ce­dure. It is part of our agile atti­tude to align our approach to them.


We're no yes-men. Why? Because you en­trust us to think and act in your inter­est.

If we notice that the focus is lost, we will point this out to you and show you alternatives that will lead you to the desired goal more efficiently.

  • The pilot portal (web front-end) developed by itemis has been developed quickly and in good quality. This has helped us a lot to fulfill the customer requirements.

    Antonius Huerkamp, CEO, Pixelboxx GmbH

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