Your road to us

Great that you found our website! Probably not just by chance. Perhaps we are looking exactly for you. And you for us.

What awaits you with us

We want to create the perfect working environment for you and offer you a great workplace atmosphere with people who are looking forward to working together with you. At itemis, we are working in small interdisciplinary teams – agile, based on Scrum, but not necessarily in the same office. We have trust in our employees and are happy to receive their trust in return. Continuing education and professional development are important to us. That’s why we have developed our 4+1 work model, which grants you 20% of your working time for your continued education.

You can work at one of our locations in Bonn, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heide, Leipzig, Lünen, Paderborn, or Stuttgart.

Oh, and we are pet-loving, too. If you have a dog, we would be happy to get to know them as well!

You can find out how we are doing at itemis in our itemis guide (German language). A look at our career section will also give you a good insight.


And now to you

Is that you?

You're a hacker, a tinkerer, a scientist. You have studied computer science, mathematics, physics or something similar and you are dying to plunge into the real world of IT. You are curious, you want to learn more and more, and you want to immerse yourself in complex topics.

Or maybe you are this?

You are already a specialist in a certain field, have already gained considerable professional experience and would now like to change your career. Standard software and off-the-shelf solutions are not really your business - you prefer to be creative and agile. It is important for you to find the right technology for every problem. The question of languages and frameworks is not a religion to you.

Either way:

We are looking for people like you! Colleagues who appreciate our corporate culture. Developers who are passionate about their work and have made their passion a profession.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Sandra or Mirja from our recruiting team by e-mail or phone.

You want to be a part of us?

Step 1: Your application

lease send us your application documents. Complete applications with cover letter, curriculum vitae, certificates and your salary expectations would be great, of course, but if you are still waiting for a certificate, for example, this is not a problem.

If we feel that you could fit well, you will hear from Sandra or Mirja. Of course you'll also hear from us if things don't fit so well right now - because something that doesn't fit right now, can still happen later, and we're happy to stay in touch with you.

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Step 2: It fits at first glance

If everything fits this far, Sandra or Mirja will contact you. Probably it's about getting to know each other for the first time: This will happen either by phone with a colleague from your (hopefully) future team, or we'll invite you directly to one of our locations – whichever suits you best. This personal interview usually involves two people besides yourself: someone who checks whether you are a good fit for us in terms of your technical expertise and our expectations, and your future team or location manager.

In this interview, we are looking forward to learning more about you and finding out whether we fit together. But we also want to know what your technical skills are. That's why we may give you one or two tasks that you can let off steam.

Step 3: It also fits at second sight

After the first interview we still think you would be a good match for itemis, and you are still in the mood to become an Itemiker? Then we're happy to invite you to a second job interview at our headquarters in Lünen. If you're traveling by train, feel free to contact us beforehand. Usually we can offer you our shuttle service from Dortmund central station. Our Human Resources Director Olaf Burkart and another colleague will be pleased to meet you. Now the first interview will be continued, and your technical knowledge will be once again put to the test. However, further tests or programming tasks will usually not be carried out. Furthermore, it is now also about drafting the contract – how do our conditions look like and what do you expect? After all, we want you to feel comfortable with us.

We are happy to help you

Sandra Wagener & Mirja Sauer

Phone: +49 231 9860-606

Sandra und Mirja
Mirja und Sandra

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