Agile Coach and Communication Skills Expert

Agile software development means continuous growth, constant change, and above all, communication. As an agile coach you face these challenges every day, with passion and a good dose of humour. Read more >

Initiative Application

You find itemis exciting and think that you will fit in well with us, but you cannot find a position that suits you? Nevertheless, we look forward to your suggestions. Read more >

Java Developer with Consultant DNA

As a Java developer with consultant DNA you can hit the ground running. It should be important for you to gain as much experience as a software developer as possible, to be able to specialize in ​​software architecture and design in the medium term. Read more >

Mobile Developer

We build apps – cool apps. Apps for Android and iOS, apps that range from complex interfaces to secure wildly convoluted data structures and display them as colourful boxes to apps that control Bluetooth water taps, and everything in between. Read more >

Product Manager

We are building a new, innovative platform, that will help our customers accelerate their business and disrupt competitors by capturing business critical domain knowledge in a precise, validatable and executable way, while still remaining accessible to non-programmers. Read more >

Programming Language Engineer

We have a problem: we have more cool projects and clients than good people. That’s why we’re urgently looking for support. The situation is so dramatic that we, as software architects, now have to help with personal marketing, which is why this position may sound rather unusual. Read more >

Senior Web Developer

We want to get on the web! And that is exactly why we're looking for new colleagues and experts on web technologies like JavaScript, who will support our team. Read more >

Software Architect

Architects build houses – of course. Perhaps even bridges. But more importantly, software architects build highly developed software. And you, as a software architect, do not just want to stack up, but to go high. Read more >

Student Trainee

Imagine this situation: we have a lot of exciting projects and too little time, so we always need support. No matter which team you ask – usability specialists, mobile or software developers, programming language engineers, system administration or project management – we’ve all got more than enough work to do. Read more >

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