Does that sound like you?

You might be a hacker, tinkerer or scientist in body and soul. You’ve studied computer science, math, physics or something similar and are about to throw yourself into the real world of IT. You’re curious and uncomplicated, and you have the urge to learn more and get involved in complex topics.

Or maybe you’re already a specialist in a specific subject area and have a lot of professional experience, but feel the need for change. Standard software and off-the-shelf solutions aren’t your thing – you prefer being creative and agile. It’s important to you to find the right technology for any problem, but languages and frameworks are not religious issues.

What you can find this with us

Either way, we're looking for people like you: developers who are passionate about their cause and passionate about their profession. We’re looking for strong characters to become colleagues who are exactly that: colleagues, not just people who happen to work in the same company.

We want to create the perfect working conditions for people like you. We can offer you a great working environment with people who will be happy to work with you. We work together in small agile teams based on Scrum, but not necessarily in the same offices. Flexible working hours and home offices aren’t just empty promises, but are standard with us. We trust our employees and look forward to reciprocity of this trust, for example when it comes to using unconventional methods.

Speaking of unconventional, education and training is central for us. This is why we’ve developed our ‘4+1’ working time model, in which 20% of your work time is available for further education.

You can work at our locations in Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heide, Leipzig, Lünen, Paderborn or Stuttgart. And if you have a dog, we look forward to getting to know him: we offer a dog-friendly working environment.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Why not look at our career area and see what working for itemis could be like.

So you want to be part of our team?

Then we look forward to your application. Here’s what’s involved.

Step 1: Your application

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sandra by phone or e-mail. Otherwise just click on the button and submit your application. Complete applications with covering letter, curriculum vitae and certificates are great, but if you are for example still waiting for a testimonial, that’s ok too.

If we think that you’ll fit in well you will hear from Sandra or Mirja, either by e-mail or telephone. Even if we think that you might not fit in quite so well, you will still hear from us, because what might not be possible now could still be in the future, and we’d like to keep in touch.

Step 2: We like you!

If Sandra or Mirja call you it will be to arrange an initial conversation. This will be either by telephone with a colleague from what might (hopefully) be your future team, or an invitation to one of our locations, depending on what is the better fit. Two people usually conduct this person-to-person conversation: a team colleague who is seeking to fit you in professionally, and your potential future team or location manager.

This conversation is about getting to know one another: do we suit each other? But we also want to find out what you can offer and how you set about solving problems.

Step 3: We still like you!

With luck we’ll still be fans after our initial conversation, and you’ll like us too. If so we will either invite you to a second meeting at our offices in Lünen or offer you a contract directly, so that you can see what our conditions are like and decide what would work for you. But don’t worry: we want you to feel comfortable with us and not pushed around.

A little more detail

We have specific positions, sometimes even at specific locations. But even if you don’t think you match a particular job title but would still like to work for us, we’ll look forward to your application.

Agile software development means continuous growth, constant change, and above all, communication. As an agile coach you face these challenges every day, with passion and a good dose of humour. You can adapt to ever-new situations and share your knowledge with colleagues and clients – merely tossing buzzwords around isn’t your style, nor ours either. Even if you are experienced in software development and the agile world, you are also able to explain difficult issues respectfully and simply so that your opposite understands them.

You’re an experienced software developer who is now focussing on agile software and project development. Thus, to illustrate the technical and aspects is no problem for you. At the same time, you are not only certified, but also experienced in Scrum and Kanban – Software Craftsmanship should not be a foreign word for you. You can explain the difficult contexts so that your opponent understands them – respectful and uncomplicated.

You will have a very good command of German both written and spoken (at least CEFR level B2).

That’s you? Then we’re looking forward to your application.

Apply now!

This is you.

Is software development your passion, rather than just a job? You know exactly why you studied, and building boring standard software wasn’t part of it? Are you dealing creatively and professionally with complex issues instead, and comfortable with multiple technology stacks? Software craftsmanship, clean code and TDD aren’t options for you but part of your basic attitude. For you, what counts is the result and so you only make decisions for which you and your team really take the responsibility?

Then we want to get to know you!

This is us.

We are a colorful bunch of assorted characters that share one thing: a passion for software development. To realize this, our team is made up of very different people, all of whom enrich it in their own way, and we believe that someone like you should be part of this team. We are looking for people who dedicating themselves to a common goal, and who are only satisfied when we have all achieved this together.

What can you expect.

You will plan, design and develop software as part of a team of great people. Quality and our clients’ goals come first. You will design and implement successful solutions to the problems of tomorrow with our clients and project partners. You will act as a partner to the client, not just as an implementer, and push for a great result. You will take personal responsibility, and make decisions that you can justify to yourself, your team and your partners. Together with us you will improve our way of working, so that we can do precisely what we love – damn good software development. You will learn new things continuously and transfer this knowledge to your team. You’ll also contribute actively via blog articles, lectures, podcast submissions and in many other ways. You will help us to achieve our common goals with the fantastic innovations that come our way every day.


Three things really matter four us: passion, craftsmanship and courage. But also here are a few more requirements:

  • You should have a very good degree in computer science, software engineering or a comparable degree program.
  • You should be able to develop software professionally and to have proven this on various projects.
  • You should have project experience of agile methods and enjoy being active in the process and culture of your team.

Don’t wait for it. Do it.

Send us your application and meet us in our office in the most beautiful city in Germany [1] – we look forward to seeing you.If you feel inspired but Hamburg isn’t for you, don’t hesitate to contact us, as we have locations with great people in many beautiful cities.


That’s you? Then we’re looking forward to your application.

Apply now!

Architects build houses – of course. Perhaps even bridges. But more importantly, software architects build highly developed software. And you, as a software architect, do not just want to stack up, but to go high.

But so far you have remained on the ground and know that, without teamwork, nothing flies. You know that working together always means complementing each other well. You have a sense of enterprise architecture and automotive tooling and can also communicate this to colleagues in simple and uncomplicated ways. You will have a very good command of German both written and spoken (at least CEFR level B2).

If you want to work with us you should be able to bring knowledge of Java, model-based software development and common concepts of enterprise and software architecture.

More important is the desire for something new: new clients, new locations and new teams. If this requires frequent travel we will ensure that a reasonable balance is possible.

That’s you? Then we’re looking forward to your application.

Apply now!

As a Software Developer with consultant DNA you can hit the ground running. It should be important for you to gain as much experience as a software developer as possible, to be able to specialize in ​​software architecture and design in the medium term. To support this we can offer varied client projects, but with a lot of freedom for your personal training and research.

It is very important that you have good client-facing skills. Consultants can tend to be arrogant and self-regarding, but this is not our style. Our corporate attitude to clients is responsive and respectful. We want you to be perceived by our clients as competent, trustworthy and sympathetic.

You should have already gained experience in test-driven and object-oriented development with Java technologies and will have a very good command of German both written and spoken (at least CEFR level B2). As a consultant you are often at our customers' premises – it’s okay for you to travel a lot. This has its advantages and disadvantages. But don’t worry, we ensure a reasonable balance.

That’s you? Then we’re looking forward to your application.

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Imagine this situation: we have a lot of exciting projects and too little time, so we always need support. No matter which team you ask – usability specialists, mobile or software developers, programming language engineers, system administration or project management – we’ve all got more than enough work to do.

This is where you come in. As a student you could just do a part-time job – or you could start as a student trainee with itemis.

If you are studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Economics you are already well placed to fit in with us. But more important are curiosity and a desire for challenges.

With us you will not just be ‘studying’, you will be part of the team and a full-fledged colleague. That's why you'll not just be watching us, you'll be doing the job, and you're sure to learn more than at university.

You will have a very good command of German both written and spoken (at least CEFR level B2).

That’s you? Then we’re looking forward to your application.

Apply now!

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