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The ANALYZE Project Overview

The ANALYZE Project Overview provides a graphical overview of your itemis ANALYZE configuration, showing a directed graph of artifact types as nodes and their connections with link types as edges. The number of artifacts for each artifact type is displayed in the upper left corner of each node. You can manually edit the layout of the graph using drap&drop. The changes will be stored in your workspace configuration.

The ANALYZE Project Overview

To change the zoom level use the zoom control on the left or the mouse wheel. To move the graph press and hold the left mouse button and move the mouse.

The selection of the ANALYZE Configuration Editor will be highlighted in the ANALYZE Project Overview.

You can also jump from the ANALYZE Project Overview to the respective elements in the ANALYZE Configuration Editor by double-clicking an artifact type node or a link type edge. The data accesses of an artifact type or link type can be accessed via a context menu.

You can open the artifact search for any artifact type by double-clicking on the artifact count or via the context menu.

The action buttons on the right perform the following actions:

  • Re-Layout – automatically layout the graph using a simple graph layout algorithm
  • Toggle Coverage – show coverage metrics instead of role names on edges (this can be turned on or off)