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Statechart image generator

The statechart image generator renders a statechart and all its subdiagrams, if any, as image files. The generator supports several pixel-based and vector-based image formats, subject to the capabilities of the Java implementation you are using.

Sample statechart image generator model

The following example is a generator model to create SVG vector images of the turbineControl statechart. The generated images are placed in the images folder, which is located in the powerPlant project.

GeneratorModel for create::images {

    statechart turbineControl {

        feature Outlet {
            targetProject = "powerPlant"
            targetFolder = "images"

        feature Renderer {
            format = "svg"

Statechart image generator ID

The statechart image generator’s ID is create::images. If you are using the itemis CREATE generator model configuration wizard to create a generator model, select the itemis CREATE Image Generator to place the generator ID into the .sgen file.

Statechart image generator features

Outlet feature

The mandatory Outlet feature specifies the project and folder the statechart images will be written to. See section "Outlet feature" for details.

Please note: The image generator supports the Outlet feature’s targetProject and targetFolder parameters only.

Renderer feature

The mandatory Renderer feature controls the rendering of the images.

  • format (String, required): Format of the generated images. itemis CREATE supports the following formats:
    Image formatDescription
    BMP, PNGLossless pixel image formats
    JPG, JPEGLossy pixel image format
    SVGScalable Vector Graphics
    PDFPortable Document Format