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What is itemis CREATE?

itemis CREATE, formerly known as YAKINDU Statechart Tools, is a modular toolkit for developing, simulating, and generating executable finite-state machines (FSM) or simply state machines.

The tool has been known as YAKINDU Statechart Tools for years, but after all this time, we decided that our solution deserves a new look and name to express how powerful our solution really is: itemis CREATE. Read more about the rebranding here.

State machines are useful for the model-driven development of so-called event-discrete systems, i.e., systems that are always in exactly one state of a finite number of states. State machines are particularly well-suited for embedded systems, but they are in no way restricted to them.

With itemis CREATE you can easily develop and simulate state machines, as well as generating them as source code for your target software system. itemis CREATE is based on the open-source development platform Eclipse.

The Standard Edition of itemis CREATE provides the following features for dealing with state machines:

  • Statechart diagram editor to graphically create and edit statecharts, the graphical representation of state machines
  • Statechart simulator to simulate the behavior of statecharts
  • Code generators for Java, C, C++ and Python to transform statecharts into programming language source code
  • Custom generator projects to easily create model-to-text transformations with Xtend or Java in order to create any code of your own choice
  • Integrated validator to check for syntactical or semantical problems of the statechart model
  • Testing framework to test your state machines with unit tests

The following graph shows these features and their relation to each other:

Features of itemis CREATE

Features of itemis CREATE

With Professional License additional itemis CREATE features available:

Which licensing rules do apply to itemis CREATE?

Parts of the source code of itemis CREATE are provided under the Eclipse Public License.

The code generators coming with itemis CREATE do not imply any license constraints on the generated code whatsoever. The generated code is property of the user, as a person or as an organization. For the generated code, the user is free to choose any license model they wish.

Who is behind itemis CREATE?

itemis CREATE is developed and driven by itemis AG, a well-known consulting company specialized on model-based development. itemis is providing professional services around itemis CREATE, be it training or on-site consulting, be it development of prototypes or implementation of full-blown IDEs for programming languages, you name it. The itemis CREATE developers do not only know the framework very well but are also experts in programming and domain-specific language design. If you need advice, get in contact with itemis' Create team.

Who is using itemis CREATE?

Initially itemis CREATE was designed for the embedded systems industry: automotive, system controls, vending machines etc. However, itemis CREATE is bringing the benefits of finite-state machines (FSM) and Harel statecharts to everyone who needs to design, simulate and develop behavior. People can use itemis CREATE to generate Java, C, C++ or Python code.