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We develop customized software tools and support your company with our expertise in domain-specific languages.
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Software is playing an increasingly important role in creating value for businesses. The automotive industry is a typical example. The focus of Advanced Engineering is to support customers in the development of intelligent, software-based systems of tomorrow and to enable them to master their challenges independently in the future. The central task is the active management of ever-increasing complexity through the application of model-based approaches.  To this end, we share our knowledge of domain-specific languages, Xtext, and MPS, as well as our experience in agile, usability, and other methods and tools.

Customized Tool Engineering

If you are a pioneer in your own industry or if you are dealing with very specialized technologies or processes, you will often not find any “off-the-shelf” software tools. Customized software tooling approaches from itemis are a valid solution approach here.

Our main focus is the optimization of product and software development processes. For this we use different methods and tools. The agile approach in close cooperation with the customer has proven itself in the creation of innovative solutions. Model-based approaches allow different stakeholders to have different views of the project content. Integration into existing processes and tool chains ensures an efficient development process, and all sub-steps in the development process that can be automated should be automated.

Customized Tool Engineering

Advanced Engineering combines current best practices in engineering, such as the use of artificial intelligence (AI), agile organization, creativity techniques, and the corresponding tool and IT support. High-level processes are typically already dictated by the industry and the customer's way of working. The automotive industry, for example, has established a very high level of value creation based on the division of labor. Hundreds of companies are involved in the development of a vehicle.

 All solutions must be able to solve problems for users not only on a technical level, but also in practical application. Usability and user experience therefore play an important role. Wherever it makes sense and is possible, we work with open standards. Often these already exist for certain parts of domains (e.g., AUTOSAR in the automotive industry or ReqIF for requirements). Where standards do not exist, we propose our own approach. An example is openXSAM for data exchange in security risk analysis projects.

Customized Tool Engineering: We Develop Customized Software Tooling Approaches for Your Company!

What is your project stage? Our Advanced Engineering experts are ready to support your project.

Domain Specific Languages (DSL)

One focus of Advanced Engineering is to develop future-oriented, intelligent technical systems together with our customers. The central task is to master the ever-increasing complexity of innovative technologies. A central methodological approach is the development and use of domain-specific languages (DSLs).

This approach has not only proven very successful for our customers in recent years, it has also become a recipe for success for us. This is the area where we are broadening our expertise and our developing into language engineers.

Domain Specific Languages are relevant in all industries. The implementation of security standards will affect all industries in the future. As a result, DSL developers will dive much deeper into a domain and have a much more in-depth technical exchange with the customer's experts. The conceptual part of the work is very high.

When DSLs are implemented, they also include editor elements (front-end), algorithms and generators. Proven concepts such as agile project approach, prototyping and UX are used.

Domain Specific Languages can therefore be seen as a holistic approach and are highly relevant for the future.

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Benefit From Our Expertise in Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs)!

If you need support in your project to create Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), Language Workbenches or other intelligent technical systems, we will find the right solution with you!

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