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Creating cyber-physical systems through model-based analysis and design and early virtualization.
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Systems Engineering & Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

With the growing complexity of today's technical systems, it is crucial to apply a systematic approach to their development, as specified by ISO 15288. Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach that draws from engineering, management, and other disciplines to ensure that a system meets the needs of its users and stakeholders, covering the overall development and lifecycle.

Model based systems engineering (MBSE) is an evolution to classical approaches in this sense. It relies on semiformal and formal models to represent the system, its context, and the relationships between. These models can be of different types, including structural, functional/behavioral, or physical models, or even dedicated fault/failure models as employed by FTA or FMEA analysis methods. By using models, engineers can explore the behavior of a system under different conditions, analyze its performance, and identify potential issues early in the development process, before the system is actually built.

MBSE can support the development, in particular with respect to functional safety (IEC 61508, ISO 26262) and cybersecurity (IEC 62443, ISO 21434) concerns, by providing a structured approach to system design and development that incorporates safety and security requirements and guidelines. With MBSE, engineers can use models to represent the system, its components, and their interactions, and to analyze the behavior of the system under different conditions. This allows engineers to identify potential safety hazards or cybersecurity risks early in the development process and to design and implement appropriate safety and cybersecurity measures.


Coaching & Project Support - Model-Based Analysis & Design

Our experienced system engineers carry out all engineering tasks, from the early requirement elicitation, via the requirement analysis, up to the specification of the system architectural design. Focussing on model-based techniques that employ formalism like SysML, MBD (Matlab, itemis CREATE, etc.), or domain specific modeling languages, we apply a systematic and efficient approach to development. Our experience in functional safety, cybersecurity, and quality enables us to properly accompany the related analysis and validation activities like FMEA, FTA or FMEDA.

We are not bound to a particular application domain, but we can offer a significant background in Automotive. We have developed systems for various Automotive applications, from steering to brake systems, from BLDC pumps to door control and radar systems. Our engineers have gathered experience in developing systems in compliance with Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262, and ISO 21434, and are well experienced with software-intensive Automotive systems that produce software implementation according to Autosar. We know how to use all the relevant state-of-the-art engineering tools like Doors, Polarion, Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect, Cameo, or Matlab.

From individual experts that help out in solving the most challenging problems on-the-job to well-practiced teams that serve as an extended workbench, we offer the support that best suits your needs. 

Consulting – Systems Engineering Languages, Methods, and Tools

Each system domain and each organization has its specific constraints. While most systematic methodical approaches nowadays tend to rely on standard languages like SysML and methodically on RFLP (requirements, functions, logical, physical) viewpoints, the general applicability and suitability of a method requires tailoring in nearly all occasions. We can support you in identifying and customizing a method that fits your particular needs. 

When it comes to engineering tools, we are strongly convinced that “best of breed” is the best applicable strategy. As such, we can support you in selecting the systems engineering tools that best suit your needs, and to identify where custom tool development would be worthwhile. With our comprehensive portfolio, we have successfully created customized solutions for seamless integration and data exchange between engineering tools for various customers, to speed up the time to market by reducing manual efforts.

We can thus support you in setting up the required infrastructure, and we can further educate and train your staff in applying systematic model-based engineering in compliance with the relevant industry standards.

Are You Looking for Support in Systems Engineering & Model-Based Systems Engineering?

We support you in setting up the necessary infrastructure and train your employees in the application of systematic model-based engineering in compliance with the relevant industry standards!

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