Smart Technologies

The topic of digitization does not stop for anyone. Buzzword projects such as Smart Home, IoT and Industry 4.0 have sprouted, also on grounds where till recently only were manufactured. Companies have the option of facing new challenges or losing touch.
itemis can support you in the conception and development of all the necessary components to implement smart technologies across your products.

Smart technologies – the term

For us the term Smart technologies refers to the intelligent linking of smart devices with each other and with a cloud-based backend, for example in the context of:

  • Smart homes
  • The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT)
  • Industry 4.0

and other areas of digitization.

The core aim is the intelligent linking of diverse hardware components into a single logical unit. The communication channels and protocols used often do not conform to a single common standard, but are instead designed for special requirements such as hardware limitations. A scalable backend is usually used to offer control via websites or apps.

Smart technologies – our performance

In the area of smart technologies and digitization we can offer:

  • Partial or full product development and development support
  • Specific coaching and consultation for activities involving the development of:
    • Applications
    • Firmware
    • Cloud services

Development and conception

As well as a review of existing solutions and the design of new products, we can offer support for development of all components involved.


We can develop firmware for your IoT devices and any associated mechanisms for updating their firmware safely. We can facilitate feature expansion or migration to new hardware through a model-driven approach (link: MDSD or MPS/mbeddr) and its associated abstraction of application logic.

The Cloud

We can realize communication with cloud services and deploy any necessary micro-services for business logic and data processing.

User interfaces

We can develop the corresponding user interface to control your system. Our focus is on usability irrespective of whether this uses an app or a web interface (link: Usability Engineering).

Development and conception

We complement performance with support for hardware selection from the chip to the chassis. If required we can also take on production design and coordination.