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itemis CREATE Professional Edition, released by itemis AG in December
2016, is supplemented by free licenses for undergraduate and postgraduate
students and academic staff.

itemis CREATE is a toolset for software development. It supports the
complete development process, from graphical design, through validation and
simulation, to the generation of source code for different programming languages
such as Java, C or C ++.

The toolset is already in use in numerous university projects and for teaching the
concept of state machines, for example at the Technical and Economic University of
Budapest and the Weizmann Institute of Science. The inventor of statecharts, Prof. David Harel, recommends the toolset for statechart modelling, and especially appreciates its simple and direct use:

I like the itemis CREATE tool a lot, especially the fact that it is simple and
direct, and is not burdened with some of the more advanced, expensive and heavy
features of other professional statechart tools.

itemis AG provides free licenses for academic use to support and promote students
and teachers. These licenses include the complete scope of the toolset, including all additional features of itemis CREATE Professional Edition.