Become an xtext pro yourself

Whether you have knowledge about Eclipse Xtext yet or you are right at the beginning to become an Xtext pro – our workshops help you to learn everything you need to know about Xtext, Xbase and Xtend.


Our workshops take place in-house so you can have the most comfortable experience.

Small groups

You are learning best in small groups, so our workshops comprise up to 6 participants usually.


Because practical coding helps you better than slideshows and multiple-choice tests.


All of our workshops are held by an Xtext expert or committer who are looking forward to share their knowledge with you.

This could be your workshop

Our workshops are as individual as our clients and their projects. We won’t give you a fixed agenda but decide together with you what kind of workshop you need.

Below we show you a selection of topics we dealt with in our workshops:

  • Understanding the Grammar Language
  • Implementing a Code Generator
  • Your Language in Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and Web-Editors  
  • Customizing Xtext with Dependency Injection 
  • Continuous Integration
  • Advanced Grammar Language Concepts 
  • Advanced EMF Integration 
  • Common Problem Solving Strategies
  • Testing Xtext Languages
  • Language Design
  • Build Integration
  • Scaling Xtext DSLs
  • Tackle Performance Issues
  • Embedding and Customizing Xbase
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Integrating DSLs in Software Products

We are looking forward to support you with an individual workshop.

Just contact us!


Participants: 1-6 = 1 trainer, 7-12 = 2 trainers
Duration: 1-5 days
Location: in-house
Price: 2.000 € per day and trainer

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