You only need to look at Matlab Simulink models? We have built the Model Viewer for you!

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Often there are obstacles between user and model

User and model
  • Even looking at a model requires an expensive license. This is often not available in sufficient numbers. Further work is impossible.
  • Simulink offers a wealth of features. Many of them are not necessary for viewing a model. The view on what is essential is blocked.
  • Models are becoming more complex. Understanding relationships is cumbersome and takes time. At the same time, tasks have to be completed faster and faster.

You know these problems?

Matlab Simulink is not the right tool for you.

For us, YOU are the "Model Viewer"

  • Models are a means to an end.
  • Your goal is to build flawless, functioning products. This requires your expertise.
  • A tool must not stand in your way.

Your needs are our focus.

The Model Viewer therefore enables you to work in a focused way that leads you quickly and intuitively to your goal and reduces your stress level.

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Think of the Model Viewer as Google Maps for models

  Choose your starting point in the model.

You are looking for parameters or blocks?

The Model Viewer guides you to the right place without detours.



Search your models.

Orient yourself quickly and easily in models of all sizes.

How do characteristic values come about? What is the cause of error?

The Model Viewer shows you the route of a signal - even across many levels.


Find your way around quickly.

Understand big models in the blink of an eye.

Are you interested in more details?

Get to the corresponding position in the documentation and other related information, such as requirements, in just two clicks.


Understand big models in the blink of an eye.

Reach your goal together.

You need a current work base for everyone?

Add more information to models, link them to related documents, and bundle everything for colleagues or external partners.

Add additional information to models and share them.

Share your location in the model.

You need support or feedback?

Direct colleagues to the object that you have questions about.

Share your location in the model.

Determine when and where you work.

You are not always in the office or online?

The Model Viewer is there - no matter when and where you need it.

Use the Model Viewer wherever and whenever you want.


Decide for yourself

See if the Model Viewer is the right tool for you.
It will be at your side for free for 30 days.

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You're already convinced?

Say goodbye to expensive Matlab Simulink licenses.
Get started right away and save up to 90 percent license costs.

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How can we improve the Model Viewer for you?

When trying out, did something not meet your expectations or did you have an idea which other functionality could help you?

Get in touch! We listen, remove unnecessary obstacles and build the Model Viewer for you.

Our request: free space for your actual work.

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