YAKINDU Model Viewer
User Guide

What is YAKINDU Model Viewer?

YAKINDU Model Viewer is a fast and feature-rich tool for viewing MATLAB Simulink models. Read an overview of the features it provides.

Installing YAKINDU Model Viewer

Learn how to install YAKINDU Model Viewer on your computer.

Browsing models

Open MATLAB Simulink files with .mdl or .slx filename extensions, browse the model, navigate the system hierarchy, zoom and pan as needed.

Accessing details

Investigate the properties of model elements, display parameter values in blocks.

Searching in models

Searching comes in handy, especially for large and very large models. You can search for elements' names, types, and property values – or a subset thereof.

Tracing signals

YAKINDU Model Viewer lets you highlight and continue signal traces. See the complete active signal trace at a single glance in a flattened-out way, covering all affected subsystems throughout the system hierarchy.


With DocConnect you store models and documentation together, link model elements and document sections to each other via links, and make these links available to others in order to quickly navigate to the desired location in the model.

Requirements traceability for Simulink models

YAKINDU Model Viewer together with YAKINDU Traceability let you trace Simulink models (.mdl and .slx files) and navigate to the corresponding requirements or documentation files in external tools.

Advanced topics

YAKINDU Model Viewer provides several options to customize the user interface to better suit your needs. You can even control the visual appearance of model elements to a high degree.

Release notes

What's new with the latest YAKINDU Model Viewer release?