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Installing on Windows

In order to install itemis Model Viewer on Windows, execute the downloaded installer program YAKINDU_Model_Viewer_Setup_x64.exe.

The itemis Model Viewer installer's welcome window

The itemis Model Viewer installer’s welcome window

The installer will guide you through the installation process. After successful installation, the installer will start the itemis Model Viewer application.

Starting itemis Model Viewer

You have several options to start itemis Model Viewer:

  • Select the Model Viewer entry in the Windows Start menu.
  • Double-click on a Simulink model file, having an slx or .mdl extension, in the Windows Explorer. itemis Model Viewer will open the file and display the model.
  • Double-click on the YMV.exe executable in the installation directory you selected during installation.

After starting up, itemis Model Viewer presents the Welcome window. It gives you a brief introduction to the most important features.

itemis Model Viewer presenting the "Welcome" window

itemis Model Viewer presenting the Welcome window

To actually start working with the tool, close the Welcome tab by clicking on its button "close" resp. button "close" highlighted button. You can display the Welcome tab anytime again by selecting Help → Welcome in the main menu. If you don’t want itemis Model Viewer to display the Welcome page each time you start it, uncheck the Always show Welcome at start up item on the Welcome page.

After closing the Welcome page, the workbench is shown:

The itemis Model Viewer workbench

The itemis Model Viewer workbench

This is your working environment. Congratulations, you have just installed and started itemis Model Viewer!

You can proceed now by installing a itemis Model Viewer license or by opening and browsing your first Simulink file.