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Release 1.1.3 (2017-06-26)

  • Displays search results in a tree view.
    • Elements are sorted by their path.
      • Path elements can be expanded upwards or downwards.
      • Path elements that are not part of the search results are displayed in grey.
    • Search results are truncated to one line. Only the line containing the search pattern is displayed.
  • Improved highlighting of search results
    • If an element is selected in the result list, it is surrounded by a red frame now.
  • Switch to perform a local search
    • The search starts with the system currently displayed in the editor and is restricted to submodels.
  • Reduced the search time and improved the response time of the search window.
  • Text labels of elements, e.g., at transitions, can be selected and copied in the properties view now.


  • Fixed loading of libraries from a different drive or partition
  • Fixed reference resolution for blocks with line breaks in name
  • Display block-specific visualization for referenced simple blocks.
  • Handle linked folders when resolving reference from within a project.