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Release 1.2.0 (2017-08-30)

New features

  • Extended block properties view to also display:
    • Sample time
    • Data types for in and out blocks
    • Constant values
  • Navigation between Goto and From blocks via context menu
  • Improved outline view
    • Shows systems only for better readability
    • Elements open directly with one click.
  • Zoom on keystroke changes zoom factor by 25 percent instead of 5 precent.
  • Updated to GEF 5 and Eclipse Neon


  • Ensure initial viewport position is not above blank space when opening a model.
  • Fixed opening referenced Stateflow diagrams.
  • Fixed incorrect routing of Stateflow transitions for SLX files.
  • Fixed visualization bugs:
    • Display threshold value for switch blocks.
    • Fixed rendering of history states.
  • Removed memory leaks.
  • Fixed opening library references which contains multiple .mdl or .slx segments in library path
  • Transparent application icons