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Release 1.3.1 (2017-10-12)

New features

  • Extended signal tracing functionality with following features:
    • Interactive extension of signal trace
      • It is now possible to extend a signal trace by double-clicking on a subsequent signal line or by clicking on Continue signal trace in the context menu.
    • Signal tracing for Goto / From blocks
  • System preview on hover
    • When hovering with the mouse over a system block, the underlying subsystem is shown in a preview image.
    • When hovering with the mouse over a port, the parent system is shown in a preview image.
  • Help view
    • When clicking on Help in the context menu of a block, a help view is opened, showing the MathWorks documentation website for that block type.
    • Once open, the help view changes its content automatically when the user selects a block.
  • Open parent system with double-click on port
    • Upon a double-click on an inport or outport, the parent system is opened. This is the same behavior as if double-clicking on the background.


  • Fixed sporadic bug in the search window.
  • Fixed propagation of selection to outline view when using the breadcrumbs view.
  • Fixed a bug that prohibited the resolution of a referenced block in cases where this block was also referenced in the target library model.