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Release 1.3.3 (2017-12-21)

New features

  • Outline tree now highlights systems that contain a traced signal.
  • It is now possible to extend an existing signal trace to an arbitrary line in the model.
  • New signal trace view allows for a better overview of the traced signal.
  • Signals are correctly traced through cascades of bus creators and selectors
  • Documentation overhauled.
  • Traceability extensions enable deep integration of (requirements) traceability with MATLAB Simulink and Stateflow models. Besides others, the following artifacts and tools can be supported:
    • IBM Rational DOORS
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)
    • ALM tools (PTC Integrity, Polarion, etc.)
    • Enterprise Architect
    • C source code, XML, etc.
    • many more


  • Several fixes for signal trace highlighting especially when dealing with multiple models and tabs