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Release 1.3.5 (2018-04-19)

New features

  • Option to enable/disable hover preview introduced on the preference page.
  • Filtering of parameters in the properties view improved.
    • Properties view now displays additional information for special block types.
    • Instance values of mask parameters are displayed for blocks referencing a masked library block
  • Log session for better debugging:
    • During a log session, additional debug information is written to a log file.
    • This feature can be enabled in the preferences.
  • Broken reference blocks are displayed now with a specific visualization in the signal trace view.
  • Unused menu items and toolbar icons are hidden now to provide a tidy user interface.
    • If you have used an older Model Viewer version before, you have to reset the model viewer perspective once to clean up your user interface. You will get at corresponding hint at startup.


  • Fixed: stale signal trace highlighting in outline tree
  • Fixed: subsystems not visualized during trace delta calculation
  • Fixed: visualization problem in signal trace view for lines when broken library references are involved
  • Fixed: minor label layout issues in signal trace view
  • Fixed: crash in context with masked block visualization
  • Fixed: signal tracing for goto/from blocks
  • Memory leaks removed