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Release 1.3.6 (2018-06-20)

New features

  • Improved visualizations for several model elements:
    • If-blocks now show their port labels
    • Lookup-Tables now show their port labels
    • MinMax-blocks now show whether they are Min or Max blocks
    • Measurement parameters now have an antenna icon as indicator
  • Improved properties view for several model elements:
    • MinMax-blocks now show in properties view whether their function is Min or Max
    • Masked blocks now list their mask parameters


  • Main view:
    • Fixed bread-crumb path when navigating into a library block
    • Fixed rendering issues when model contained certain kinds of elements
    • Fixed positioning of enable and action ports
    • Fixed positioning of annotation texts
    • Fixed displaying of HTML formatted annotation texts
    • Fixed handling and visualization of stateflow supertransitions
    • Fixed handling of stale stateflow transitions
    • Zoom factor is now properly stored per system and restored when navigating back into previously visited system
  • Signal tracing:
    • Fixed signal trace through multiple instances of same library block reference
    • Stabilization of signal trace view when extending signal trace
    • Fixed duplicated ports in trace view for certain scenarios when extending signal trace
  • Search:
    • Improved robustness of model search, especially for subsequent search requests and usage of type filters
    • Removed unexpected search results for parameter defaults and stateflow referring subsystems
    • When navigating into a referenced library, model search was only invoked on that library, now it searches the referencing model