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Release 1.4.0 (2018-08-17)

New features

  • Improved visualizations for several model elements:
    • Scope block
    • Switch Case Action Subsystem block
    • Function-Call Generator block
    • If Action Subsystem block
    • Enable block
    • To File block
    • Trigger port label for subsystem block
    • Selector block
    • ForIterator block and ForIterator subsystem block
    • Display block annotations
  • Export and display values of workspace parameters used by constant blocks
    • MATLAB script to export workspace parameter values to a file
    • Display exported workspace parameter values in constant block visualizations
  • Other:
    • Help menu item opens itemis Model Viewer help section directly
    • Improved visualization of back and forward buttons
    • Extended YAKINDU Traceability integration (invasive links)


  • Model
    • Fix parsing of default values for models with version newer than R2017b
    • Fix visualization of If & Switch-blocks in combination with models newer than R2017b
    • Fix case-insensitive block parameter handling