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Release 1.5.1 (2019-04-01)

New features

  • DocConnect
    • Follow links from Model to PDF
    • Follow links from PDF to Model
    • Follow links from external applications (custom protocol ‘ylink://’)
    • Extract and show links from PDF documents
    • Internal documentation viewer (PDF)
    • Bundle Export (UI & Command Line Interface)
  • Support Block Annotations (AttributesFormatString)
  • Support dSpace TargetLink blocks (Basic visualization)
  • Improved visualizations for several model elements:
    • 2-D Lookup Table
    • 1-D Lookup Table


  • Open Model Viewer preferences directly
  • Add placeholder texts for user guidance
    • Properties View
    • Signal Trace View
    • Editor Area
  • Improved license handling and UI


  • Model Visualization
    • Fix Multiport Switch
    • Fix Switch threshold
  • Other
    • Fix context menu remains on focus lost
    • Fix progressbar is not shown while models are loaded
    • Fix YAKINDU Traceability integration corrupts SLX when brackets are used

Known Issues

  • Signal Tracing Performance
    • In very large models there might be a short delay in calculation and visualization
  • DocConnect
    • after opening a bundle (*.ybundle) folders cannot be deleted without terminating the model viewer, even if bundles itself can be deleted without problems
  • When switching from 1.3.6 to a version greater than 1.4.1 the auto-borrowing might fail
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