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Release 1.5.3 (2019-07-16)

New features

  • DocConnect
    • Changed the internal model structure to support tree based bundle configurations in future versions
    • A ylink URI path to a model element is now based on the location of the model file in the bundle tree instead of the relative path to the configuration file in the file system
  • General
    • Supports the visualization of blocks with polynomial functions and fractions of polynomial functions
    • If a block contains the parameter ‘description’ the description text is visualized more prominent in the properties view


  • Introduction of support for the visualization of masked blocks
    • The workspace export script for Matlab supports the export of mask parameters
    • The Interpreter for drawing command script supports following display functions:
      • port_label
      • fprintf
      • plot
      • disp
      • path
  • DocConnect
    • Changing a file on the file system or adding placeholders will no longer cause the ‘DocConnect’ Editor to crash
  • General
    • Using ‘Open in new tab’ on a model loaded from a bundle will no longer cause the viewer to crash
    • ‘Open in new tab’ will not reload the model
    • In the properties view masked parameters and normal parameters are displayed together now
    • Hovering the mouse over the actual viewed model tab displays the file path in the tooltip
    • The missing zoom textbox is now available again