Release 1.7.1 (2020-06-19)

New features

  • General
    • Support visualization of 1-D lookup table and enumerated constant block types
    • If you navigate to the parent block from a subsystem, the subsystem block from which you navigated is now marked for a better overview


  • Model Viewer
    • Support interpretation of block mask drawing command script and TargetLink blocks for xls 2018a file format and newer
    • The icon transparency setting of masked blocks is now properly taken into account
    • Port labels of masked blocks and values of TargetLink constant block types are displayed again
  • DocConnect
    • Fixed a bug that caused the configuration editor to crash when a license was missing or invalid
    • Show placeholder error if a file contained in a configuration is renamed in the file system
  • General
    • The licenses of the Model Viewer and DocConnect features are displayed again in the license preferences