Release notes

Release 1.3.4 (2018-01-17)


  • Fixed a visualization problem for signal traces through bus creator and mux blocks.
  • Fixed a bug which prohibited signal trace continuation for certain situations.
  • Fixed a visualization problem in signal trace view when broken library references are involved.
  • Fixed context menu action Open in new tab for stateflow models.
  • Context menu items Open in new tab, Open in Simulink, and Copy path to clipboard now also work on background canvas by taking the parent system as context.


  • Back and forward buttons, as well as context menu entries, are now only enabled when these actions are possible.

Release 1.3.3 (2017-12-21)

New features

  • Outline tree now highlights systems that contain a traced signal.
  • It is now possible to extend an existing signal trace to an arbitrary line in the model.
  • New signal trace view allows for a better overview of the traced signal.
  • Signals are correctly traced through cascades of bus creators and selectors
  • Documentation overhauled.
  • Traceability extensions enable deep integration of (requirements) traceability with MATLAB Simulink and Stateflow models. Besides others, the following artifacts and tools can be supported:
    • IBM Rational DOORS
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)
    • ALM tools (PTC Integrity, Polarion, etc.)
    • Enterprise Architect
    • C source code, XML, etc.
    • many more


  • Several fixes for signal trace highlighting especially when dealing with multiple models and tabs

Release 1.3.2 (2017-10-19)


  • Wrong position calculation of system preview fixed.
  • Fixed path calculation of elements.

Release 1.3.1 (2017-10-12)

New features

  • Extended signal tracing functionality with following features:
    • Interactive extension of signal trace
      • It is now possible to extend a signal trace by double-clicking on a subsequent signal line or by clicking on Continue signal trace in the context menu.
    • Signal tracing for Goto / From blocks
  • System preview on hover
    • When hovering with the mouse over a system block, the underlying subsystem is shown in a preview image.
    • When hovering with the mouse over a port, the parent system is shown in a preview image.
  • Help view
    • When clicking on Help in the context menu of a block, a help view is opened, showing the MathWorks documentation website for that block type.
    • Once open, the help view changes its content automatically when the user selects a block.
  • Open parent system with double-click on port
    • Upon a double-click on an inport or outport, the parent system is opened. This is the same behavior as if double-clicking on the background.


  • Fixed sporadic bug in the search window.
  • Fixed propagation of selection to outline view when using the breadcrumbs view.
  • Fixed a bug that prohibited the resolution of a referenced block in cases where this block was also referenced in the target library model.

Release 1.3.0 (2017-09-22)

New features

  • New functionality to trace and highlight signals “to source” and “to target”:
    • The signal tracing analyzes the signal flow from the selected signal line to the source or sink block.
    • The tracing goes beyond hierarchical subsystem borders, mux/demux blocks and bus creator/selector blocks. Bus outputs are currently not supported.
  • The visualization supports tracking of a trace if subsystems of a top-level system are displayed in other editor tabs.
  • Signal tracing can be activated and deactivated via a signal’s context menu.


  • Search selection highlighting was not removed on new selection in outline view.
  • The [Enter] key on the number pad was not working in zoom text field and search text field.

Release 1.2.0 (2017-08-30)

New features

  • Extended block properties view to also display:
    • Sample time
    • Data types for in and out blocks
    • Constant values
  • Navigation between Goto and From blocks via context menu
  • Improved outline view
    • Shows systems only for better readability
    • Elements open directly with one click.
  • Zoom on keystroke changes zoom factor by 25 percent instead of 5 precent.
  • Updated to GEF 5 and Eclipse Neon


  • Ensure initial viewport position is not above blank space when opening a model.
  • Fixed opening referenced Stateflow diagrams.
  • Fixed incorrect routing of Stateflow transitions for SLX files.
  • Fixed visualization bugs:
    • Display threshold value for switch blocks.
    • Fixed rendering of history states.
  • Removed memory leaks.
  • Fixed opening library references which contains multiple .mdl or .slx segments in library path
  • Transparent application icons

Release 1.1.3 (2017-06-26)

  • Displays search results in a tree view.
    • Elements are sorted by their path.
      • Path elements can be expanded upwards or downwards.
      • Path elements that are not part of the search results are displayed in grey.
    • Search results are truncated to one line. Only the line containing the search pattern is displayed.
  • Improved highlighting of search results
    • If an element is selected in the result list, it is surrounded by a red frame now.
  • Switch to perform a local search
    • The search starts with the system currently displayed in the editor and is restricted to submodels.
  • Reduced the search time and improved the response time of the search window.
  • Text labels of elements, e.g., at transitions, can be selected and copied in the properties view now.


  • Fixed loading of libraries from a different drive or partition
  • Fixed reference resolution for blocks with line breaks in name
  • Display block-specific visualization for referenced simple blocks.
  • Handle linked folders when resolving reference from within a project.

Release 1.1.2 (2017-05-15)


  • Faster search for models containing many stateflow charts
  • Added path column to search result to allow for sorting results by location.
  • Made transition labels searchable.
  • Fixed searching in multi-line texts.
  • Allow to select SLX library for unresolved block references
  • Allow navigation into model reference blocks
  • Allow for zooming in model via keyboard keys [Ctrl + +] and [Ctrl + -].


  • Proper visualization of multiport switches