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The Properties view

The Properties view displays the properties of the selected model element. In figure "The itemis Model Viewer workbench", you can find it at the bottom, marked with a red rectangle.

If you select a block, the blocktype, name, and navigation path are displayed at the top of the Properties view. You can copy the navigation path to the clipboard by pressing [Ctrl+C] on the keyboard.

The "Properties" view

The Properties view

Below the navigation path, the block’s properties are listed as a table. On the left-hand side of the properties view, you can toggle between the General and the Other tab. The General tab shows only the most important data of a block, whereas the Other tab displays additional properties, like its graphical information or the block’s ID.

If you select another model element, the properties view changes to reflect the selected element’s properties. However, you can “pin” the current properties by clicking on the properties view’s pin button button "pin properties". As long as the properties view is pinned, it doesn’t change its contents, no matter which elements you select. In this mode, the properties view has an additional line below the view’s title, telling which element’s properties are shown.

Click on the pin button button "pin properties" again to unpin the properties view.

The _Properties_ view in pinned mode

The Properties view in pinned mode